Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Spurs Beat Memphis Grizzlies- LaMarcus Aldridge's Strategized Rescue for the Team

Wednesday's match between Spurs and Memphis Grizzlies was an interesting event as the Grizzlies were playing under the supervision of a new coach. Odds were increasing and Grizzlies were on the verge of their next win. By the time audience grasped the game, LaMarcus Aldridge changed the complete statistics of the game and rescued the Spurs from the trap of Grizzlies. His strategies scored 17 of first 19 points in the first quarter for the Spurs and his best game scored 41 points overall. 

Tony Parker was seen the second time in this season and his efforts paid the Spurs well in this game. He scored 10 points and in 18 minutes he was able to perform 5 assists. Kyle Anderson was quoted saying that Aldridge was the perfect leader because of his efforts.

 Kyle believes that Aldridge's defense strategy dissolved the moves of opponents and he was an overall leader for this game.

The count of 9 turnovers while Spurs were saving the ball made headlines in this game. A major difficulty was defending the arc and keeping Grizzlies on board. Grizzlies recently gave up 11 offensive boards and 11 threes. Having got beaten by the Spurs, Grizzlies players scored well out of which 5 players touched double-figure score. It would be necessary to mention that Tyreke Evans led the double-figure scorers with 22 points. 

During the entire game, Spurs stayed within arm's reach for the first three quarters especially. Fourth quarter witnessed a completely different scenario when Aldridge played sportingly against Grizzlies. Patty Mills also emerged as a strong player for the 104-95 win. In the first quarter, Aldridge's three triples bounced a record for his overall career till now. As a Spur hitting 41 points was his best score till date and this score ranks him in the third position in his overall career.

Monday's match between the Spurs and Dallas Mavericks was an emotional sequence and it witnessed geared up Tony Parker. His return to limelight challenged the opponents and his strength got proved with his consistent moves. This was a required playing strategy being a Spur and having known that Parker and Kawhi Leonard were off the picture.

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