Wednesday, December 6, 2017

A Season Without Leonardo's Gamut

Following Kawhi Leonard's leg injury, The Spurs had to prove their strength on 17 November 2017s match held in AT&T Center. The young player was seen sitting at the end of the bench in a white shirt with a black sports coat on. He was expressionless and hopeful for team's victory. The team geared up on coach Gregg Popovich bugle and clashed with Oklahoma City Thunder. They were competing will full power like Leonard didn't exist. 

Their sportsmanship showcased that their victory is essential and they cannot accept their failure on the grounds of Leonard's absence. Oklahoma City Thunder just won the longest winning streak of the season and was steady in steaming up its stars. First-half of the match witnessed a 23-point lead by Oklahoma City Thunder, and it was none less than the truth that Leonardo's presence makes a difference to the team. Until this time audience started accepting the fact that the team needs Leonardo to beat good teams.

Witnessing a lead league by opponents in first half, Popovich's team flipped their attitude from ‘poor we' to ‘screw you,' the coach was heard stating this. With a tight clinch, the match was held at a close score of 104-101. Get well soon messages had already been passed on to Leonard, also because the team had to rock against Warriors and Rockets in next spring. His wear and tear injury have paved a great loss to the team. 

However, the team has emerged strongly without him as well to win the matches more for him now. Popovich believes Leonard will have to follow Tony Parker's steps and recover strongly for full-time practice sessions dedicated for a victorious inning. Tony Parker has recently recovered from torn quadriceps.

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